Therapeutic Approach

Our Therapeutic Approach is what makes Hope Academy a truly unique school environment for our students. We are invested in creating a caring and safe community in which students feel free to be themselves, to take risks in their learning, to celebrate their strengths, and to acknowledge areas for growth. Our staff is trained to interact with students in a supportive manner to help them achieve their highest potential.  We are committed to meeting students where they are and celebrating their individuality. Therapeutic supports and explicit instruction in social-emotional learning are built into the school day for all students.

We maintain a large team of expertly trained clinicians who are available to support students throughout the day. Our certified clinical staff closely track the social-emotional and behavioral progress of each individual student, as we believe growth in these areas is just as important as academic success. Our clinicians work closely with classroom teachers to ensure that we consider each student’s emotional needs to ensure they are available for learning throughout the school day.