Here are the steps for Enrollment:

1.  Talk with your local school district to discuss Hope Academy as an option for your child.

2.  Gather your child's school records, specifically your child's most recent IEP (Individualized Education Program), assessments and reports.

3.  Call our Admissions department to schedule a tour of Hope Academy with our Intake Coordinator to view our program and discuss your child's needs and review your child's records.

4.  If you, your local school district and our Intake Coordinator feel Hope Academy may be a good fit for your child, your child is then scheduled for a 2 day visit at Hope Academy.  Your child will experience time with our teachers, clinicians and student population. Informal assessments are completed.  After your child's 2 day visit, our intake team will either make a recommendation for your child to attend Hope Academy or make a referral to another program that may be more appropriate for your child.

5.  When your child is eligible to be enrolled into Hope Academy, we will collaborate with you (parents or guardians) and your local school district to design and implement the most appropriate Individualized Education Program for your child.