Hope Academy provides students with:

Planting, growing and harvesting

Agriculture: Chickens

Aquatic Management:
Koi Pond, Salt Water Fish Tank



Therapeutic Integration

Hope Academy has made a commitment to its students to integrate a therapeutic program into the academic school day. This focus on integrated therapy within the academic day enables our students to learn valuable life skills and helps the students be more emotionally available for learning. Our clinicians collaborate with classroom teachers to provide support across academic areas.

Group therapy goals are generated as well as individualized goals. The staff works with students to track group and individual goals which help to create a positive learning environment where students’ strengths are recognized, valued and given room to grow.

We believe that addressing the various social/emotional issues our students bring with them to school will free them to fully engage in the learning process. We are invested in creating a caring and safe community where students can learn, explore and reach their potential by providing them with the support and tools needed to be successful students.