Interdisciplinary courses include:

Enriched Academics

Hope Academy provides an enriched academic program. Hope’s diverse curriculum is aligned with the Connecticut Common Core Standards and utilizes targeted interventions using specialized scientific research-based methodologies. The faculty formulates, implements and continually monitors individualized education programs (IEPs) in accordance with the Connecticut Common Core Standards suited to the way each student learns. The academy offers a low teacher-to-student ratio with certified specialized faculty that is skilled at teaching each student to recognize his/her own learning style through an interdisciplinary approach.

Giving our students opportunities to explore interconnections among the subject areas they are studying has many advantages. Interdisciplinary instruction adds meaning and relevancy to learning as students discover fascinating and compelling relationships between disciplines. New perspectives are developed which help students construct a more integrated web of knowledge. Not only does this powerful knowledge structure facilitate the assimilation of new information, it also increases students’ understanding of and appreciation for the wealth of information and ideas they already possess.

Our program provides a comprehensive academic curriculum including college preparatory and career education with a highly integrated social skills curriculum. Within our high school program, the staff works with the guidance department at each individual student’s home school to align courses with graduation requirements.